Important news was posted on December 4, 2023.

Within this news post, Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa suggests students begin to recite the Vajrasattva mantra one hundred thousand times and “The Sutra in Three Sections” one thousand times. Please read the news post for details.

“The Sutra in Three Sections” is found within our Bodhi Path book compiled by the 14th Shamar Rinpoche called, Wisdom, Merit, and Purification Through the Blessing of the 35 Buddhas: A Text for Daily Practice, which students may already be using for practice, on pp. 24-33 followed by pp. 43-51. For those without the book, an excerpt of relevant sections from the book containing “The Sutra in Three Sections” plus advice from the 14th Shamar Rinpoche about its recitation is now available. Below is a recording of the 14th Shamar Rinpoche reciting the names of the 35 buddhas.

Recitation of the 35 buddhas by the 14th Shamar Rinpoche

As a guide, listen to this recording of the 14th Shamar Rinpoche. Playback speed can be varied to slow it down for learning purposes.

A separate excerpt from p. 36 of this book is also provided of the Vajrasattva mantra (100 Syllable Mantra).

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