Wisdom, Merit, and Purification Through the Blessing of the 35 Buddhas (Book)

Compiled by Shamar Rinpoche
with translation by Pamela Gayle White

87 pages

From the Introduction by Shamar Rinpoche:
“Buddha Shakyamuni gave the 35 Buddhas Sutra as the most effective and expedient method for purifying negativities and accumulating merit. The practice was very widespread in Buddhist India, especially during the time when the Mahayana and Vajrayana the paths of the Bodhisattva were flourishing there. Many Buddhists tantric yogis, scholars, monks and nuns, householder practitioners chose this sutra among all the available Mahayana sutras and tantras as their preliminary practice or daily practice. Indeed, the great Tibetan master Marpa Lhodrakpa and a number of his peers chose it as their preliminary practice before focusing on the advanced practices of the Vajrayana.

The 35 Buddhas Sutra, also called the Daily Confession in Three Sets, or Arya Triskandhaka Sutra, is particularly timely for today’s practitioners. The Buddha himself taught it in Shravasti; it belongs to his second cycle of teachings. A pure, authentic, and non-sectarian transmission, it is unsullied by controversy or partisanship on any level. A vehicle of great blessing, it is appropriate for beginning and advanced practitioners alike…

Just as all negative actions leave an imprint in the mindstream that blocks positive karma from ripening and reinforces the illusion of samsara, the merit generated by this practice blocks negative karma from ripening and sets us firmly on the path of liberation.”

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