Stupa of Enlightenment - VA
Natural Bridge, VA, USA

Stupa of Enlightenment

For millennia, Buddhists have believed a stupa brings incalculable blessings to its local area and to those who participate in its construction, and that meditating near or walking around a stupa can be a powerful way to help realize our innate potential for wisdom, compassion and peace of mind. Though common in Asian countries, only a few areas in the United States are blessed with a Buddhist stupa. We are fortunate to offer a stupa of enlightenment located at the Bodhi Path Natural Bridge Retreat Center.

Hear about the new 8 Stupas Project being planned for completion in 2024.

Resource For Practice

The Stupa of Enlightenment is available for circumambulation outside. A mantra practice can be recited while circumambulating the stupa. For your convenience, you may download the mantra card.

Stupa Circumabmulation

Enjoy this experiential video.