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In the very center of the Karlsruhe you find our nice and quiet meditation room, where we meditate every Wednesday evening at 8pm. We focus on the practice of Shine and Chenrezig meditation in the group and once a month we have a teaching on a basic Dharma topic. You can find our detailed program on our local website.

As we are closely connected to the Bodhi Path center in Renchen/Ulm, the main seat of Shamar Rinpoche in Europe, we can frequently join the courses in the Bodhi Path center in Renchen/Ulm. Moreover, excellent Bodhi Path teachers, like Shamar Rinpoche, Trinlay Rinpoche, Dongsang Shabdrung Rinpoche, Lama Jampa Thaye, Tenzing Wangpo, Lama Yeshe Drolma, and Astrid Schünemann have given Dharma teachings in Karlsruhe.

Bodhi Path Buddhist Center

Praxis Christiane Opitz

Kaiserstr. 50

761 33 Karlsruhe, Germany

Tel: +49 7243 14801


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Weekly meditation is held Wednesdays at 7:30-9:00 pm; recommended also for beginners.

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By engaging with our center you will learn about authentic Buddhist books and texts that are helpful on the path.

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