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The Belgrade Bodhi Path group was established with the aim to provide the highest quality instructions in Buddhist meditation and philosophy to all Dharma practitioners in Serbia. After almost two years of organizing visits of different Bodhi Path teachers to Belgrade, we officially joined the network of centers and groups under the guidance of Shamar Rinpoche in August 2010.

We organize courses with Choepel Namgyal and Pamela Gayle White on a regular basis, with more Dharma teachers invited to come.

We meet for collective meditations once a week, in the heart of the city, near the National Museum. In addition to guided Shamatha (shi’nay) meditation, we practice together the Buddha Shakyamuni and Chenrezig Sadhanas.

Our courses and collective meditations are open to everybody who is interested in learning and practicing the authentic Dharma, newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

Bodhi Path Buddhist Center

Budmanijeva 17,

11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel: +381 64 1674187


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Weekly meditation is held Wednesdays at 7:30-9:00 pm; recommended also for beginners.

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