About the Center

Bodhi Path teachers provide access to some of their classes via live streaming and recordings. These classes are supported by our network of centers, including this one, the Bodhi Path Virtual Center (BPVC) that hosts occasional online courses, in particular for students who do not live near one of our physical centers.

Streamed classes at Bodhi Path are intended as a complement to the richness of programming available at our centers and our network-wide special events. We hope that you may find one of our centers nearby or visit one from time to time as part of your Buddhist path. Benefits to visiting a local center:

  • Special events such as in-person programs with esteemed teachers and rinpoches.
  • Rare, special ceremonies such as vows or empowerments.
  • Guidance from a resident teacher.
  • Discussions and deeper study opportunities with fellow students.

8 Stupas Project

Diagram - Stupa of Enlightenment

Read about the recently announced 8 Stupas Project taking place at the Natural Bridge, Virginia retreat center.

Bodhi Path Buddhist Center


Information about Virtual Center online courses is posted here from time to time. In addition, see center webpages for regularly-scheduled online programs.

Center Events


Information about upcoming online courses is posted in our News section from time to time. In addition, please see your local center’s webpage for their regularly-scheduled online programs.

Center Resources-Meditation

In-depth Study

Bodhi Path provides online access to important Dharma topics in live-streamed classes and archived recorded courses. Content ranges from introductory classes to complete courses on practice and study topics.

Center Resources-Teachings

Online Programs

Be sure to visit Center webpages for center calendar information that includes regularly-scheduled online programs.

Brooke Cagle

Archived Courses

Prior courses on important dharma topics are available to watch on your own time.

Video Course: Spirit of Awakening

Access video and audio recordings of Karma Trinlay Rinpoche’s complete course on Shantideva’s Way of the Bodhisattva.

Volunteer Your Time

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