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Nestled in the Italian Alps, in the remote Antrona Valley, lies the beautiful mountain village of Bordo. It is accessible only on foot via a century-old path.

The village was abandoned in the middle of the 20th century. A group of young Swiss and German people began to repair the houses in 1982, encouraged by the advice of Shamar Rinpoche, who gave the village the name “Karma Dechen Yangtse.” He then remained its spiritual guide. Soon after a meditation room was built and later on a stupa was constructed.

Many Rinpoches and Lamas have visited the place and have given teachings. In 2004 Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, came to Bordo and gave initiations. In 2006 Shamar Rinpoche visited and emphasized the qualities of Bordo as a place for a profound and authentic meditation practice. At present Bordo is under the spiritual guidance of Lama Jigme Rinpoche, with whom we coordinate our Dharma activities.

The village is owned by a Cooperative and activities are coordinated by the Dharma association. Both are nonprofit oriented and their aim is the restoration and maintenance of the village with the purpose of facilitating Dharma activities and spiritual growth.

Today activities run from spring to autumn whilst there is the possibility for seasoned practitioners, well experienced with Bordo, to make intense retreat also during the winter. During the activity phase there are daily regular meditations, where everybody present in the village may participate. Shamar Rinpoche encouraged the daily practice of Chenresi and the practice of Milarepa Tsog Puja on the day of the full moon. He also suggested that Shine and Lojong meditation be especially focused on and be taught regularly.

In addition to the regular Dharma practice, both qualified Bodhi Path teachers and guest teachers from the Karma Kagyu lineage, most of them disciples of the late meditation master Lama Gendun Rinpoche, give teachings and guide retreats in Bordo. For more information, consult our homepage.

Bordo is especially suitable for intense Dharma retreats. The Dharma house has 3 single and 3 double rooms where retreatants can be hosted. If no Lama or Dharma teacher is present applicants are requested to prepare their retreat with a qualified teacher and to establish a regular schedule. A contribution for lodging and meals is expected to cover the costs and help us maintain the place.

Another good possibility is to come to Bordo in a half retreat option, combining meditation and activity. In this case you provide four hours per day to work in the village for whatever is needed, with the possibility to attend to the group meditations. Together with the person in charge, you can define a daily schedule allowing you to deepen your personal practice. Lodging is free, a modest offering for meals is expected.

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Karma Dechen Yangtse, Bodhi Path Retreat Center

Località di Bordo

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Bordo—the place where your mind comes to rest.

Mountains near Bordo

Retreat Center

During his visit to Bordo, Shamar Rinpoche emphasized the qualities of the site for deep meditation and practice in retreat.

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Courses offer an introduction and deepening into Buddhist practice with Bodhi Path course content and Buddhist guest courses.

Stupa in Bordo


The stupa is a feature of the retreat center.

Dorf-Berge Bordo


Bordo is a mountain village in the northern Italian Alps. Prior registration is needed for visitors.

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